Clueless Commuter

Clueless Commuter is a street smart travel blog. We narrate and document places we frequent and those we have been to for the first time.

We’re mainly located in Manila but we also like to go around Asia.

We understand that visiting a new place could be stressful, especially when you don’t know where to start or how to make the most of your stay there. Hopefully this site helps you on your next travel adventure. We desire to pave the way for places and experiences that aren’t documented as much and invite you to experience it with us.

Plus, because we’re from the Philippines, we’re used to clueless travelling. With all the local jeepneys, traffic, and adventures that go with it, who wouldn’t be?

We’ve been there, done that. This time, we’ll be your personal guide.

Meanwhile, you can drop us a Facebook review and share about the best tourist destination you have visited in the Philippines or abroad. Share your experience with us so others can know about it!

To travels ahead!



Clueless Commuter is a local food & travel website from the Philippines.