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What is in El Nido, Palawan?

Limestones, rock formations, amazing beaches, and islands all in one place.

Due to this, there is an El Nido craze going on with travelers.

It seems that El Nido just has to be on every traveler’s bucket list. What exactly is in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines?

Where is El Nido, Palawan

El Nido, Palawan is a municipality at the northern tip of Palawan’s mainland. It’s a 4-5 hour smooth ride from Puerto Princesa City: Palawan’s main city as of this writing. El Nido’s main town, Bacuit, is very distinctly described as a town exactly at a foot of a huge cliff.

Other than being a cliff side town, its location is very unique. Just a few thousand meters to the shore, is the glorious Bacuit Bay, where boat tours A, B, C and D give livelihood to El Nido’s town folk.

El Nido and its limestone mountains

If the word about El Nido has reached you: be it a suggested Youtube video, a story from someone you can’t recall, or the internet, then It’s one of the hidden gems that’s waiting to be discovered in Palawan, Philippines.

Rock formations that can be visited in El Nido has been there for millions of years. (Ongoing content).

El Nido is just very different

I have been to a number of beaches in the Philippines. I have visited a decent amount of tourist destinations in my country. But El Nido, it’s a tiny patch of indescribable paradise that’s reachable by man. It’s just amazing.

We have mentioned on our Facebook posts that, no amount of photos will equate to experiencing El Nido, first hand. We do not have words to describe it, but for the benefit of this blog: I can try.

For now, here’s a photo of Cadlao island, it’s the iconic mountain island in front of the main town of Bacuit, El Nido, Palawan.

The iconic Cadlao mountain island view just across the shops and restaurants in Bacuit Town, El Nido, Palawan.

The No. 1 Island in the World

Palawan coins itself to be the No. 1 island in the world.  Are they just being proud? Well, Palawan is a huge island paradise. Apart from El Nido, there are a few tourist destinations that are being developed in Palawan. These places include:

  • Port Barton
  • San Vincente
  • Roxas
  • Taytay
  • …And all the fine sandy beaches, cliffs and mountain islands that still need to be uncovered.

After seeing El Nido with my own eyes, and after contemplating about it, Palawan is just plain lucky to have El Nido on their huge island patch.

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Kanto Freestyle in Makati Avenue

It’s a Filipino concept diner that brings you Pinoy local breakfasts, street style.

A few of my colleagues have repeatedly mentioned Kanto Freestyle.

I was only able to visit it this week when Ez and I needed a late dinner fix. Since Makati Avenue caters to night life and after party eats, Kanto Freestyle is also open until late. If I’m not mistaken it’s even open 24-hours.

Where is Kanto Freestyle in Makati?

Kanto Freestyle’s Makati  branch is located at the end of P. Burgos Avenue and Makati  Avenue, a few steps near J.P. Rizal Avenue. As far as I know they have a prior branch in Kapitolyo, Pasig City that actually started the buzz.

Kanto Freestyle location in Makati City

Kanto Freestyle in Makati is located at the end of P. Burgos and Makati Avenue. It’s already a few steps to J.P. Rizal Avenue.

People might get confused since Kanto is located at the corner of the two avenues.

P. Burgos and Makati Ave. meet twice: one near Jupiter Avenue and the other one near J.P. Rizal.

What’s special with Kanto Freestyle

I believe it’s positioned as a place to get meals after tipsy friends end the night out. That’s why, they’d be open until the wee hours in the morning.

But, more than that, their menu is designed so you can get a taste of Pinoy mix and match diner breakfast experience. You can get some bacon with a classic Pinoy Tinapa (smoked fish) topped with Herbed tomatoes, some eggs– name it and add it to your heart’s content.

… With which, I’ll make sure to take a photo of their custom menu when I go back, okay.

What we ordered

Ez was hungry. She decided to go for a rice meal. I was opting to be a bit more conservative, it was already late.I thought I needed something (subjectively) just enough for a midnight snack.

So my friend here orders crisped Kanto Freestyle Fried Pork Belly. What a Pinoy classic to stare at for a midnight snack.

Kanto Freestyle fried pork liempo

Ez orders Kanto Freestyle’s Fried Pork Belly (Php 110). It’s an everyday Pinoy street style classic.

After that, her Grilled Suman gets served. It’s a Filipino native snack dessert. It’s made of glutinous rice drizzled with chocolate and ube halaya (I missed the ube in the photo, sad).

Kanto Freestyle suman

She also decides on having a native grilled suman (Php 85) for dessert.  We shared them but boy, was that was h-e-a-v-y.

As I was saying, I was on the decoy to order something light. I didn’t want to drowse off while finishing off a website project when I get home. Apparently, it’s not what you go to Kanto Freestyle for.  Continue reading

Why are you Clueless Commuter?

Traveling without a specific destination seems to be in the genes.

For one, I just know that when I go to a place, there’s a lot to uncover. Then, you will know where to go.


It’s nice hopping on a bus, and travelling a round trip ride.

There are also times when I’m faced with a difficult decision, I hop on a bus and wait for it to go for a roundtrip. By doing so, I find time to think; I learn a new route; and this assures me that in life, I will not easily get lost.

Also, Clueless Commuter does adventure traveling to relieve stress. Going to places one has never been to releases endorphins! I do it for the thrills, although, it could also be in the genes.

Maybe it started during childhood

I was raised to commute. We owned a car, but my father made sure we knew how to go about safely and independently. My father always told us that we’ll never get lost if we look for the main roadways. This was before Google Maps was up our fingertips.

Jeepney baby

Here, I’m Commuter chillin’ with my late grandma in a jeepney.

I grew up in Puerto Princesa City, in Palawan, Philippines. It’s a suburban city in a rural town. I wasn’t born there, it wasn’t my first home, but I finished elementary in Palawan.

Continue reading

Pandan Island in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

Check out this snorkeling photo blog of Pandan Island, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

I visited Pandan Island last May 2016. We stayed there for one whole week. One thing I know, I should go back. Photos are courtesy of Sir Hanamel Viloria.

Pandan Island is a private owned island resort in the town of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines.

Clown fish at Pandan Island

Here’s a photo of Clown fishies near Pandan Island’s shoreline in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro.

Overnight stay at Pandan Island

If you plan on staying overnight, CALL PANDAN first. make sure to check Pandan Island‘s available Continue reading

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