Izakaya Hideyoshi: Japanese food in Makati Avenue

Their choices are very decent and a bang for the buck.


If you’re craving for some Japanese food around Makati Avenue, check out Izakaya  Hideyoshi just across A-Venue Mall. It’s a good go-to place and I’d highly recommend around the Makati Avenue.

I’d say that Izakaya Hideyoshi is at a middle price range. There’s very few of them that rings a bell along the strip. More so, there’s fewer that offers quality Japanese for their price range around the vicinity.

8 pcs Gyoza at P180

For example, their gyoza set costs P180 as of my writing. They use flour on their mix. It’s not as juicy and scrumptious as Mendokoro‘s gyozas, still tasty. But maaaan? 8 pieces at P180? You have got to be kidding me.


Katsudon at P280

We also ordered a Katsudon set. Their Katsudon costs P280 with a huge amount of Japanese rice and an oh-so-amazing miso soup. Their miso soup tasted fresh and flavourful– which you can buy separately at P80 or with rice at P100.


As Iskander always insists, “You can never go wrong with a Katsudon.” When you don’t know what to order at a Japanese restaurant, just order that deep fried pork cutlet with egg on top. He says you can gauge the restaurant by that.

Good service

They have a 10% service charge, but it’s totally worth paying for. The service crew was alert and responded even when all of the tables were filled. It also felt Japanese-like inside. They seemed well-trained and experienced handling customers.

A Japanese guy, who seemed to be the owner, was also busy taking the customers’ requests. He greeted and served the guests while all of the waiters were busy.

There will be a next time

We capped off our meal with mango shakes at P90 per glass. They were refreshing and sweet as how you would expect Philippine mangoes to taste.


It was a nice memorable meal. We were really full, and to us,the prices were agreeable. The place was clean and the Japanese restaurant vibe was there– with Anime music playing in the background.

I’ll definitely come back and order the other items from their menu. There will definitely be a next time.

Tell us about your visit

Leave a comment below to let us know how your visit went. I bet you also have a a slice of the Izakaya Hideyoshi experience. Let us know which items you ordered and how it was during your visit, okay! 😀


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  1. They have lotsa uni and maguro, too! And they have a whole unagi for Php 800 only, yay!

  2. Last night with my very special friend had our dinner together here at Izakaya …I am very satisfied with their food plus good customer service was also given to us. Comfort room is clean and promise I will truly recommend this to my friends..more power.

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