It’s a Filipino concept diner that brings you Pinoy local breakfasts, street style.

A few of my colleagues have repeatedly mentioned Kanto Freestyle.

I was only able to visit it this week when Ez and I needed a late dinner fix. Since Makati Avenue caters to night life and after party eats, Kanto Freestyle is also open until late. If I’m not mistaken it’s even open 24-hours.

Where is Kanto Freestyle in Makati?

Kanto Freestyle’s Makati  branch is located at the end of P. Burgos Avenue and Makati  Avenue, a few steps near J.P. Rizal Avenue. As far as I know they have a prior branch in Kapitolyo, Pasig City that actually started the buzz.

Kanto Freestyle location in Makati City

Kanto Freestyle in Makati is located at the end of P. Burgos and Makati Avenue. It’s already a few steps to J.P. Rizal Avenue.

People might get confused since Kanto is located at the corner of the two avenues.

P. Burgos and Makati Ave. meet twice: one near Jupiter Avenue and the other one near J.P. Rizal.

What’s special with Kanto Freestyle

I believe it’s positioned as a place to get meals after tipsy friends end the night out. That’s why, they’d be open until the wee hours in the morning.

But, more than that, their menu is designed so you can get a taste of Pinoy mix and match diner breakfast experience. You can get some bacon with a classic Pinoy Tinapa (smoked fish) topped with Herbed tomatoes, some eggs– name it and add it to your heart’s content.

… With which, I’ll make sure to take a photo of their custom menu when I go back, okay.

What we ordered

Ez was hungry. She decided to go for a rice meal. I was opting to be a bit more conservative, it was already late.I thought I needed something (subjectively) just enough for a midnight snack.

So my friend here orders crisped Kanto Freestyle Fried Pork Belly. What a Pinoy classic to stare at for a midnight snack.

Kanto Freestyle fried pork liempo

Ez orders Kanto Freestyle’s Fried Pork Belly (Php 110). It’s an everyday Pinoy street style classic.

After that, her Grilled Suman gets served. It’s a Filipino native snack dessert. It’s made of glutinous rice drizzled with chocolate and ube halaya (I missed the ube in the photo, sad).

Kanto Freestyle suman

She also decides on having a native grilled suman (Php 85) for dessert.  We shared them but boy, was that was h-e-a-v-y.

As I was saying, I was on the decoy to order something light. I didn’t want to drowse off while finishing off a website project when I get home. Apparently, it’s not what you go to Kanto Freestyle for. 

Kanto Freestyle Hot homemade Pandesal

As a light dinner decoy, I ordered a Hot Homemade Pandesal (Php 80) which comes with spreads!

The Hot Homemade Pandesal (Php 80) comes with pesto butter, kesong puti (white carabao cheese) and a cheese pimiento spread.

You see, the Homemade Pandesal set was nice. It was also filling. I think I only ate three of them. I took the rest home after spreading the remaining dips.

Make sure to eat them while their hot, otherwise you’ll miss the homemade novelty to it. Among the three spreads, the Kesong Puti (White Carabao Cheese) was the best. I believe you may order it separately.

It was a value for money selection. A good choice for me.

Kanto Freestyle Crispy Corned Beef

I though the Kanto Freestyle Crispy Corned Beef (Php 80) was crisp cooked corned beef. Apparently they were coated and deep fried.

So much for my light midnight snack decoy, I also ordered Kanto Freestyle’s Crispy corned beef.

I’m sorry but I think of corned beef anyday (except when I just recently ate one). I’m a corned beef fan. I can recite which diners serve go-to corned beefs, so I had to try this. In my head, they sounded like they were cooked until crisp.

Apparently, I learned that Kanto Freestyle’s version of corned beef are breaded and deep fried.

They were nice but, I might just skip them next time for the reason that, I thought I got high; The same feeling you get after eating a Fried Pork Belly kind of high. They were juicy nonetheless.

Kanto Freestyle crispy corned beef

Kanto Freestyle serves Crispy Corned Beef (Php 80).

Sorry I was not able to take photos of the menu. It’s my first time to visit Kanto Freestyle so I’ll make sure to take them when I come back.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for my recommended restaurants along Makati Avenue, check out my posts on Tien Ma’s Xiao Long Bao or Izakaya Hideyoshi‘s value for the buck Japanese cuisine.

Until next time! Credits to Ez for her quality camera that fits in a pocket. :3 I really need one for myself soon.


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