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Izakaya Hideyoshi: Japanese food at Makati Avenue

Their choices are very decent and a bang for the buck.


If you’re craving for some Japanese food around Makati Avenue, check out Izakaya  Hideyoshi just across A-Venue Mall. It’s a good go-to place and I’d highly recommend around the Makati Avenue.

I’d say that Izakaya Hideyoshi is at a middle price range. There’s very few of them that rings a bell along the strip. More so, there’s fewer that offers quality Japanese for their price range around the vicinity.

8 pcs Gyoza at P180

For example, their gyoza set costs P180 as of my writing. They use flour on their mix. It’s not as juicy and scrumptious as Mendokoro‘s gyozas, still tasty. But maaaan? 8 pieces at P180? You have got to be kidding me.


Katsudon at P280

We also ordered a Katsudon set. Their Katsudon costs Continue reading

Visit University Burger and Try Their Ice Scramble Milkshake

I visit University Burger every once in while for one reason: their Ice Scramble Milkshake sends me back to my childhood years. 

University Burger is a new burger joint on JP Rizal Avenue in Poblacion, Makati. It’s sending waves because of its affordable, home-grilled, yet agreeable Angus beef patties. If you’re on a tight budget but are still looking for great-tasting burgers in the metro, consider this your day. 

University Burger's home grilled burger.

University Burger’s quality home-grilled burgers.

Where is University Burger?

The shop is two blocks away from Makati Avenue if you’re coming from the Makati City hall complex.

Look for Robelle Hotel and Funeraria Filipina along JP Rizal Avenue. The tiny street between these two landmarks will lead you straight to University Burger’s doorstep. 


How to Commute to University Burger

If you’re commuting from EDSA-Guadalupe, find a jeepney that goes to L. Guinto or Munisipyo ng Makati. It will pass through JP Rizal.

After the jeepney crosses Makati Avenue, go down at Robelle Hotel. It’s a huge green building to your left. University Burger is on the street next to it.

You’ll recognize the joint by its chalkboard-decorated interior and yellow-lit, high-school-hangout vibe.

What’s in the Menu?

Their shop caters to budget trippers! You can get a home-grilled meal for as low as Php90. Check their full menu here.


During my previous visits, I have ordered…

  •  Mr. Nice Guy – Quarter pounder basic burger Php 90
  • Cheese Quesadilla – Php 55
  • Choco Loco Special Shake – Php 100
  • Big Bully – Half-Pounder Burger – Php 140

If you’re on a diet, visit on cheat days so you can splurge on extra with their novelty milkshakes. I tried Chocoloco and I did get loco with the choco mallows inside the mug. 


Chocoloco specialty milkshake at University Burger

What to Expect

The store has a tambayan setup that can accommodate 4-8 foodie groups at a time. They say there’s more seats upstairs, but I haven’t checked the second floor yet.


If it gets cramped, there is a second floor. Otherwise, share a seat and earn a friend!

The ground floor can get a bit crowded due to the store’s rising popularity. Make it a consideration if you’re going as a group. If you’re going alone, I recommend just sharing a seat and gaining a friend if the place becomes too cramped.

The shop also has reminiscent classroom interior in it. It’s the perfect place to invite your high-school friends for a mini-reunion. Or, you know, invite your highschool crush for a budget date.

Open Hours and Delivery

Take note though, they’re only open from 3pm-2am. I know–you can’t visit them at the normal lunch hour. Just visit them after work, maybe?

Also, they said they CAN deliver, but only within Makati’s vicinity. And for a minimum of Php 700. If you could, just visit them so you could also enjoy their grilled burger right from the kitchen. For more details, visit their facebook page.

Final Thoughts

University Burger is the best place to visit when you’re on a budget and you’re still craving for quality burgers. It’s also great if you’re looking for a budget date in Makati during pre-salary periods.

Lastly,  the store’s interior makes for a fun environment to reminisce school memories. I was actually surprised to learn that some of the owners were my high school batch mates!

Got more questions about University Burger? Like their facebook page and contact them!


Top 6 items for a Metro Manila commute

What should I have when commuting in Metro Manila?

Deciding on commuting instead? Here are some items to bring when you need to commute in Metro Manila. Sweat no more, (or lesser), and stay happier for your next gala with these item list for your commute.

1. Wear comfy flats.

commuter shoes

“A commuter can never own enough shoes. They either get too worn out from all the walking they take.” -Clueless Commuter

When commuting on the go, a comfortable pair of flats is a must have. You will never know how far you will need to walk, or how long you will need to line up for transport queues. SM Department Store sells Solemate flats for only 299.99 for two pairs. They will always go handy during your commute, not to mention, comfy.

2. Bring a pocket comb and a scrunchie.

It’s extremely humid in the Philippines. Bringing a pocket comb will instantly transform you from a “mahangin ba sa labas” (is it windy outside) look to an instant freshie in no time. Make sure it’s just small enough to just fit in your bag or jeans pocket. Go on, see your friends or go out on a date even if you have to commute.

3. Wear comfortable clothing.

It always pays off being dressed for the occasion, including riding jeepneys. Your trip may get sweaty. A comfortable t-shirt will always keep you happier, longer, during your commute.

Since not all t-shirts are created equally, opt for light high-quality cotton shirts instead of poly-blended ones. They let air easily pass through the cloth, which keeps you fresher longer. I personally look out for Uniqlo or Cotton-on‘s sale items, they’d go as low as Php 150 during sale. They’re great for commute.

If you need a more formal attire for your appointment, pack a blouse or a polo shirt with you. Just wear them when you arrive at your destination.

4. Don’t wear miniskirts.

Wearing mini skirts are highly discouraged when commuting. During commute, it’s hard to keep your composure when you aren’t feeling comfortable with your clothes. It’s also harder when you need to hide your rear when getting off a PUV (Public Utility Vehicle).

Cotton jeans with pockets on the other hand, will make you feel comfortable and safer. Pockets will also hold the minimum items you need to bring  when commuting.

5. Sweat on a clean handkerchief.

Bringing a handkerchief with you during commute will go a long way. Pick a high quality cotton cloth to wipe your sweaty nose during commute. This will keep dust off your face, which prevents pimples when commuting. Just make sure to bring clean ones. Dirty hankies might give you zits, so stay away from them.

6. Bring loose change and smaller bills

Lastly, prepare coins and smaller bills when commuting. If you can, pay exact change as well. It saves you troubles if you pay Manong Driver exact fare while helping him focus on his driving. Otherwise, pay using smaller bills. It’s also easier to check if you have been given the correct change when you pay using a smaller bill.

You’ll save more money by commuting rather than hiring a cab in Metro Manila. With this, you’ll have more money to spend for your upcoming date or appointment if you choose to do to so.

I hope this list helps on your next commute. Also, please share your commute must haves below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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