Check out this snorkeling photo blog of Pandan Island, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

I visited Pandan Island last May 2016. We stayed there for one whole week. One thing I know, I should go back. Photos are courtesy of Sir Hanamel Viloria.

Pandan Island is a private owned island resort in the town of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines.

Clown fish at Pandan Island

Here’s a photo of Clown fishies near Pandan Island’s shoreline in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro.

Overnight stay at Pandan Island

If you plan on staying overnight, CALL PANDAN first. make sure to check Pandan Island‘s available bookings. They only have limited lodging so, on peak seasons, they sometimes shoo off day trippers to limit the guest’s head count.

Also, they have a rule where you are required to avail food buffet at P470 when you stay overnight.

When lodging gets filled, you may also pitch your own tent at P200 per head. Alternatively, during peek season, holiday inns within Sablayan town proper’s mainland are also available for a night’s stay.

Otherwise, the island is open for day trips at P150 per head.

How to get to Pandan Island

Back then, My office mates have frequented Pandan Island for the last 5 years. During their trip that year, I signed up to be on their list.

Our itinerary included, riding a plane going San Jose Airport, in Occidental Mindoro. Right now, Cebu Pacific schedules a trip from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to San Jose Airport daily.

After landing at San Jose airport, we took a 2-hour van ride and landed in the town of Sablayan. From Sablayan’s shore, we took a boat going to Pandan Island.

By Airplane + Land

If I would have to visit there again (which I would), finding decent plane tickets to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro is a good way to save travel time. After then, find a van that will bring you to the town of Sablayan.

Via Batangas Port + Land

I haven’t tried this route yet, but, Batangas port offers trips to Abra de Ilog port in Mindoro. From there, one can ride a bus that goes to San Jose. Tell the bus to drop you off at Sablayan town proper. Once you hop off, ask the locals where boats to Pandan Island may be haggled with.

From Sablayan to Pandan Island

Boatsmen will be available to haggle for a ride to Pandan Island. It’s a 15-30 minute boat ride. Upon docking, you will have to check in with the front desk.


Pandan Island snorkeling photoblog

The best thing to do in Pandan Island, other than detoxifying and staying in the island for one whole week is: Go snorkeling!

Sir Mel took this set during one of our snorkeling sessions in the island. Have a peek and enjoy!

Apparently, I found Nemo at Pandan Island, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro.

Apparently, I found Nemo at Pandan Island, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro.

Clown fishies house near Pandan Island's shoreline in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro.

The Clown Fishes were very protective of their anemone home. They even bumped our camera’s glass casing.

Friends on a snorkeling gig

Do not miss snorkeling when you visit Pandan Island.

Pandan Island, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

Snorkeling in Pandan Island is a must.

Gigantic coral formations

The coral formations were gigantic. It made us feel small.

Ravel Pandan Island's gigantic corals and ocean ecosystem.

Marvel at Pandan Island’s gigantic corals and ocean ecosystem.

School of fish at Pandan Island

Meet thousands of fish schools at Pandan Island.

Teeming underwater ecosystem

There’s a teeming underwater ecosystem ready to be discovered at Pandan Island.

Pawikan at Pandan Island

We got lucky when a Pawikan graces his presence during our snorkel session.

A school of dilis

I think this was a school of dilis fish.

The island is teeming with it's ocean and fish ecosystem.

The island is teeming with it’s ocean and fish ecosystem.

A thousand fishes at Pandan Island.

Pandan island also houses Angel fishes around its vicinity.

Take care of the environment

If you ever find yourself in Pandan Island, DO NOT LITTER.

Our sea creature friends, especially the Pawikan (Sea turtle), thinks plastic bags are food.

What you can do instead: facilitate an early morning clean-up event where you pick up trash along the shore.\

Snorkel Dive

Here’s a butt photo of a try-hard diver fish bait. :B


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