10 Places you should see in Palawan, the No. 1 Island.

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After 13 long years, I came back to the Palawan, where I spent my elementary days in the hot sun.

So after 13 long years, I was able to go to places I did not know existed! The difference, I can easily relate and commute around the city because I walked it my own when I was younger.

1. El Nido, Palawan

Obviously, El Nido has to be on the list. It’s one of the top tourist destinations worldwide. I say, it should definitely be.

With El Nido, Palawan, no amount of photos can equate to experiencing it firsthand.

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2. Underground River

Underground River in Palawan

A rock formation depicting a banana blossom (puso ng saging) inside Underground Subtarranean River in Palawan.

The Underground Subtarranean River in Palawan has made it to UNESCO’s Top 7 Natural Wonders of Nature.

This has become one of the primary reasons why foreign tourists have started flocking to Palawan even before Filipinos have visited it themselves.

The trip inside is an adventure.You get to traverse the dark with surprising rock formations along the tourist’s 2km safe zone. The remaining  Your tour guides only have a lone LED lamp that they point at featured rock formations. Other than this, there was

The bats were hospital. They simply let the guests visit them, although flash photography has to be discouraged as a guest courtesy.

Tourists at Underground River.

Tourists gaze at rock formations wile inside The Underground River in Palawan.


3. Iwahig Stargazing and Firefly Watching

It came as a surprise, but my elementary classmate’s mom brought us to Iwahig where we were able to stargaze and watch fireflies. If you are interested in visiting the place, I suggest you ask help from your travel provider since it’s a few miles from from the city, of which you can only enjoy at night.

For a Manileño like me, I seldom get to see the night sky so bright and glimmering.

I even got to see the milky way! I thought they were clouds clouding the starry view, to my dismay, they weren’t moving. Sadly, my skills for capturing milky ways aren’t just there yet.

4. Baker’s Hill

What more can I say, Baker’s Hill is a local lover’s park within Puerto Princesa City. It’s a tricycle away from the city center. Locals would once in a while drop a visit. As my local friend mentioned, “There’s always something new being added here.”

Still, if you’re a tourist, you’ll definitely go there for their food, some photos, and a way to snag some pastries and goodies before your trip home.

5. Robinson’s Palawan

Due to Puerto Princesa being just a small city, Robinson’s strategic location will make you drop by before going to El Nido, Underground River, or San Vicente. Here’s where you can drop by when you forgot bringing your sunscreen, or a flipflop, or just some snacks along the way.

By this time, there’s now two mega shopping centers competing for the local market in Puerto Princesa. The other one, which is SM Puerto Princesa, has opened more recently.

6. NCCC Palawan

If you’re in for a more historic stroll for groceries, NCCC Palawan is still the Palawanos choice for doing their groceries. Local goods and souvenirs may also be cheaper here than when purchasing them at Robinson’s or SM.

NCCC is the first shopping center back when Puerto Princesa was still undiscovered. NCCC was there even before any tall buildings got built in the city.

7. Cayulo Falls

This place is still out of the regular tourist’s radar. There wasn’t even any entrance fees during my visit last September 2017. It’s located near the town of Sabang, which is a mid point from Puerto Princesa City to The Underground River.

8. BM White Beach


9. Cape Tol

10. Ai World Resort

11. Honda Bay


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